Reel Wash 16 oz.

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One 16 oz spray bottle.

The worst thing a fisherman can do is use a water hose to clean their reels. Never use water pressure to rinse your reels - salt and other contaminants are forced into all crevices and openings. Also, forcing water into the reel displaces the lubricants on vital moving parts.

Step 1. Saturate (wet) a paper towel with Reel Wash and wipe down all exposed areas with wetted towel. Follow with a clean soft cloth or paper towel.
Step 2. On Casting Reels, remove spool and oil bearings, pinion gear, worm gear and spool shafts - put a couple drops into any oil ports (if available). Twice a year, remove handle and star drag and oil anti-reverse bearing.  On spinning reels, remove spool and oil spool shaft. Then remove handle and cap and oil bearings. On fly reels, remove spool and oil spool shaft and any exposed bearings.
Step 3. Re-assemble reel and check reel to make sure everything is in working order.
Step 4. Once a year have a reel service technician clean the reel and replace any worn parts. IF THE REEL IS SUBMERGED IN SALTWATER, take the reel to a reel service technician ASAP. 
For rods - 
Mist entire rod and wipe down with a paper towel - flush the guides and tip wjith Reel Wash.