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A.M. Fishing was born straight out of the heart of South Texas, by a couple of dudes that just love to fish. Albert and Monte started out making baits as a hobby, tried countless different profiles and landed on a hybrid bait, the curly tail jerk shad.

It’s an extremely versatile bait, combining the erratic action a typical jerkshad would produce, with a curly tail that moves constantly, even if the bait is sitting on the bottom or under a cork.

We added some garlicky goodness to it and started playing with different plastics, glows and colorants. Through extensive testing, we realized just how much of a difference U.V. reflective (fluorescent) colors really make.

We incorporated them into as many of our colors as we could and improved on a few classic, proven colors with our own fluorescent garlicky glowing twist. We started having great success with them and only once we were 100% sold ourselves, did we decide to form this company and go into business.

We love to fish and get out often, we test ALL of our products personally before we bring them to market. We don’t sell anything that we don’t believe in and use ourselves. We strive to help others make the most of their time on the water. Our goal as a company is to provide innovative, useful fishing products that we stand by and believe will help others enjoy the sport that we are so passionate about.