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D.O.A. Lures celebrates 30 YEARS making lures in the U.S.A.

D.O.A. Lures are the most versatile lure on the market today! Mark Nichols started with one 3" Shrimp and has grown D.O.A.Fishing Lures into a company that now has over 20 different lure families with over 120 different colors. D.O.A. lures now covers both Saltwater and Freshwater fishing. Whether your Snook fishing in Stuart Florida, or ice fishing in Vermont, D.O.A. has the right lure for you.

We have expanded our Freshwater selection by adding 2 New Worms, the amazing SNA-KOIL and PT-7 topwater!

D.O.A. has such a large selection of Saltwater lures that it's mind boggling!
Our latest addition is the PT-7 topwater... Walk the dog where no other lure can!

D.O.A. SHRIMP come in 5 different sizes - the Fly/Teaser Shrimp, the 2.75" Shrimp, 3", 4" and 6" Shrimp lures. The D.O.A. SOFTSHELL CRAB adds that crabby look to your tackle box. The D.O.A. BAIT BUSTER comes in Shallow Runner, Deep Runner and Trolling in 55 different color! D.O.A. SWIMMIN' MULLET is a great deep water and offshore casting and trolling lure. The D.O.A. TERROREYZ is available in 3 different sizes from Tiny TerrorEyz, regular and Big One TerrorEyz in 50 different colors. The B.F.L. and the Tough Guy round out the saltwater series.

C.A.L. series from D.O.A. has a wide selection of lure families for both Freshwater and Saltwater: 5" Swim Bait, 4" and 5.5" Jerk Bait, 3" and 4" Shad, Curl Tail, Paddle Tail along with the 5" Finesse Worm and the 8" Trick Worm. The C.A.L. series is available in a wide range of fish-catching colors!

Last but not least - D.O.A. has floats, jig heads and hooks specifically designed to work with D.O.A. lures. The DEADLY COMBO is a D.O.A. Clacker with a 3" Shrimp, we have a nice selection of Short Shank and Long Shank D.O.A. Jigheads and Chug Heads and Hot Heads that turn soft plastic lures into surface lures. And we have our custome made Long-Neck Hooks in 3.5/0 and 5/0 hook sizes for our Swim Baits, Jerk Baits, Shad Tails and our new D.O.A. Worms.