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Based on our 2015 Twinpower, we've come up with the Twinpower XD (eXtreme Durable). As its name suggests, the gears used in the XD are 70% stronger than the 2015 Twinpower. This new level of strength can only be achieved from high precision processing technology during manufacturing which increases the hardness of the pinion gear material without increasing gear size. The new Twinpower XD also features X-Protect, our latest waterproof technology utilizing Labyrinth structure thus improving the reel's water resistance. The labyrinth structure is a new design concept for reel body. Additional structure were added to improve water resistance and rigidity of the body frame. To top it off, Twinpower XD features enhanced Carbon drag washers with improved durability. This is simply one of the best pound-for-pound fishing reel we ever made!