13 Fishing Concept TXZ Casting Reel

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Tested and proven in the toughest saltwater conditions, the 13 Fishing Concept TXZ Casting Reel combines 13’s TX architecture with revolutionary CZB technology to achieve unbridled performance and durability. A new breed of inshore reel, the 13 Fishing Concept TXZ Casting Reel marries CZB technology with Black Seal corrosion resistant ball bearings, and Ocean Armor2 saltwater protection, resulting in unparalleled casting distance and extended reel life, even in harsh saltwater environments.

Providing more than enough muscle to tackle big bass and the toughest inshore species, the 13 Fishing Concept TXZ Casting Reel is backed by a titanium Bulldog drag system that outputs 22lbs of pressure. Loaded with exclusive 13 Fishing technologies, the 13 Fishing Concept TXZ Casting Reel boasts innovative features, like a lightweight KP Tech Gear Shaft, a patented Beetle Wing rapid access side plate, and Japanese Hamai cut gearing, which all contribute to a lighter, more functional reel. Whether you’re exploring shallow saltwater flats or deep reservoirs, the 13 Fishing Concept TXZ Casting Reel leverages their cutting edge CZB technology to provide next level performance and durability.


-Next level saltwater performance
-New CZB comp spool bearing technology
-Ocean Armor 2 saltwater protection process
-22lbs Titanium Bulldog Drag System
-2 CZB Comp + 2 CZB + 5 black seal bearings
-Corrosion resistant high spin bearings
-Lightweight KP tech gear shaft
-6-Way centrifugal braking system
-Patented beetle wing rapid access side plate
-High spin spool shaft
-Japanese Hamai cut gearing
-Trick shop compatible
-Arrowhead line guide system

    Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.)
    TXZ7.3-LH Left 7.3:1 6.1 9BB + 1RB 12/135
    TXZ7.3-RH Right 7.3:1 6.1 9BB + 1RB 12/135